Sustainable designs

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The Duralex tumbler

Duralex tumbler

This design classic is made of tempered glass and is virtually unbreakable. The original publicity for the glasses in the Fifties claimed that they could be “used as hammers”.

The Hypercar

VW Hypercar

The Hypercar takes a sustainable approach to car design. It is super-light, super-low drag and therefore needs a much smaller hybrid or plug-in electric motor.

The Guitar


The acoustic guitar could be the perfect example of a sustainable design because it highlights so many of the features and benefits of sustainability.

Cast iron cookware

Cast iron cookware

Cast iron cookware is a sustainable design for a number of reasons. It is very effective, efficient and it is extremely durable.

The bicycle


The bicycle is the most energy efficient form of transport and in fact is thought of as one of the most effective designs ever created and a near perfect machine.

Thonet chair

Thonet chair

There are fewer examples of a sustainable design than the Thonet Chair. It is beautiful, classic, minimal and made from renewable wood.

Chinese Chef's Knife


Designs are more sustainable if they are multifunctional because one item can take the place of several items. A Chinese Chef’s knife (or cai dao) is a good example of a multifunctional design.



The PassivHaus Standard is a very rigorous system that creates ultra-low energy-use houses which are able to dispense with conventional heating systems.

Tweed jacket


Designs are more sustainable if they are durable, functional, easy to care for and attractive. Tweed jackets, and other tweed garments, tick all these boxes plus the fabric and garments can be made by individual craftspeople using traditional skills along with small-scale, low-energy technology.