There are many ways that you can do more good with less which will also make you happier, healthier and more alive.

More good with less

‘Do more with less’ is a catch-cry in the sustainability movement but it is also a catch-cry for businesses who despoil the environment. The point is that doing more with less is fine if what you are doing is good – but what if it’s bad?

That’s why we say: Do more GOOD with less

In this case good means well-being and sustainability and less applies to ‘stuff’ – energy, water, materials, resources.

Modern western economies seem to be obsessed with efficiency when usually this is just being ‘less bad’ and at worst it is much more bad. The other problem with efficiencies is that they tend to create profits or savings which can then be invested for growth.

If you are hurtling towards a cliff in your car just slowing down isn’t going to help in the long run. You need to change direction.

There are many ways we can change direction. The links on this page lead to different directions anyone could take to do more good with less.



Sharing feels good because it is good – for you, for others and for the world.


You can do more with less if you choose quality products and services.


Proactivity is about accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative.


Caring leverages your energies to simultaneously help yourself, help others and help the wider world.


Planning can be used to reduce waste and save money, time and resources.


In our fast-paced lives we can enjoy ourselves more if we slow down and smell the roses.


Our modern lives, especially in the western world, are too complicated.