Energy use in New Zealand

Table 1 (below) shows how energy was used in New Zealand in 2002. It highlights two importants facts.

Firstly, almost 65% of energy delivered comes from fossil fuels. Added to that is the fact that fossil fuels are used to produce about 30%. This means that about 72% of the energy used in New Zealand creates greenhouse gas emissions.

Secondly, the amount of useful energy is only 40.3% of the energy delivered. This means that nearly 60% of all energy delivered is wasted.

These facts are compelling and provide a very good case for two fundamental strategies:

  • to find clean, renewable alternatives to carbon-based fuels
  • to be much more energy efficient


Data source:

PJ = petajoules (a thousand trillion joules)

NB Figures are from 2002 and are estimates aggregated from a number of sources