Craft technology for the future

When we think of technology we usually think of high-tech and big-tech, like robots and automated factories. However, hand tools and craft processes are technologies too. In a lower energy future there will be more use of […]

Handmade for good

My partner Anna is a contemporary jeweller. Everything she makes is handmade. Apart from a few power tools and a gas torch Anna only uses hand tools. What she lacks in precision is made up for with […]

Should there be an automation tax?

An article entitled “Robots could threaten up to half New Zealand’s jobs in next 20 years” highlights yet another problem with our economies. The problem is that workers are losing the ability to find jobs because […]

Lean Technology

Lean technology is technology for well-being and sustainability.

The sustainability movement is often accused of being opposed to technology but the opposite is more true. Sustainability is tech-savvy and makes use of technology where it is […]

The ideal business

The ideal business is small, simple and circular.


Businesses get big for a number of reasons but those reasons are for one ultimate purpose, to get higher return on capital. Big businesses, however, do not enhance […]

Green Growth

Isn’t that an oxymoron?

The Green Growth Advisory Group were asked to report to the Government on how to develop green economic growth, especially through increased exports.

‘Green growth’ is an oxymoron. A positive trade balance certainly […]

Big is not so good

Farmers marketFarmers Markets directly connect producers of food with consumers. These simple, effective transactions unwind the complex system of efficiencies and ‘economies’ which make modern […]